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Grüner Veltliner 333

Grüner Veltliner 333

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3 vineyards + 3 soils + 3 microclimates yield 1 wine, just as harmonious as the waltz Opus 333 “Wine, Woman and Song” from Johann Baptist Strauss – an Austrian of international format.

The bouquet opens slowly with hints of winter apples, grapefruit, pineapple and pomegranate syrup, with vibrant pepper and mint notes on top. On the palate, the cool velvety freshness strikes from the first moment. The aromatic spectrum is dominated by grapefruit essence, mountain herbs and crunchy apples. But first of all this wine impresses through its clear pure elegant structure and crispness. It is remarkably fine-meshed, compact and endlessly long in the aftertaste.
Serving suggestion
Due to its balance and weightlessness, the 2017 Veltliner 333 should be paired with delicately aromatic dishes. All kind of saltwater fish and shellfish perfectly reflect the mineral saltiness of the wine. Of course, the Veltliner 333 is a perfect match with oysters. Pasta with truffles or porcini mushrooms and morels add to the silky zest of the wine. Grilled or roast meat – pork, veal, beef and even lamb – gains from its flavor.
Best after 2022; serve in burgundy glasses. Decanting is recommended.
Winery Türk
The essential steps in making the best wine is to accompany the natural growth cycle and healthy development of the grapes, to achieve perfect ripeness. We do this with an inherent respect for nature and to let everything take its course with as little intervention as possible. We give all our wines the time they need for perfect maturity and the full taste.

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